100 Days of Awesome – Day 76

1. Awesome was a smooth last day of school, full of special activities, before our 10-day Easter vacation.

2. Awesome was finally bringing myself around to buying a new printer/scanner/photocopier – something I can see will be infinitely useful, but that I never even thought to buy. It should be here when I return from my vacation.

3. Awesome was helping someone make sense of something a little confusing. It feels good to be a source of useful information for people.

4. Awesome was discovering another resource that is available to me – a professional development fund that will cover up to 2000$ of tuition for courses relevant to my field. I am interested in taking courses pertaining to teaching Inuit and other native students, special education, and teaching English as a Second Language. If anybody can recommend anything (preferably online), I would greatly appreciate it!


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