100 Days of Awesome – Day 76

1. Awesome was teaching my very first music class yesterday morning.

Several months ago, I wrote a proposal asking for funding to supply a music class for my students. Never, in my time teaching here, have my students been able to have a music class (due to lack of instruments, materials and a teacher who could teach them). Now, I don’t know a thing about music, but I was able to find a very basic teacher’s guide and supplementary materials, so I thought I would brave the endeavour.

Yesterday, we started with establishing some Music class rules. Then we learned some important basic vocabulary. Afterward, my students each received their own recorders, and they were given 1 minute to play them as loud and as hard as they wanted under the condition that they would never do it again (if I didn’t let them, I’d imagine they would fight with me all term to do it anyway). Last, I taught them how to hold their recorders properly and gave them the last few minutes of class to play freely.

They loved it.

2. Awesome was a beautiful early evening run. The sun was shining; the wind was calm; the road was almost entirely clear of ice. I think it was the most enjoyable run I’ve had in months.

3. Awesome was discovering that the photographer, who flies to all of the villages of Nunavik to take school and family photos, is from Nova Scotia. It’s always a nice taste of home to meet people from the Maritimes.

4. Awesome was watching the hockey game (Bruins versus Canadiens) with friends. I had to fight to stay awake come third period, and left early, but it was a nice social opportunity.



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