100 Days of Awesome – Day 75

1. Awesome was walking into my classroom yesterday morning to find my floor waxed and my walls washed. Our janitor took the opportunity while I was away to do some heavy-duty spring cleaning. Nakurmiik Mary!

2. Awesome was a productive morning with my students – during which all but 2 finished the term’s big writing project (The Inukshuk Project). This was a 10-page writing project that took my students through the writing process, and allowed them to practice using capital letters, “a” versus “an”, commas and periods (something which many of them are experiencing for the first time this year). This is the final page of one of the projects:

George 10
I am a student, a hockey player, a brother, a hunter, an Inuk, a friend, a fisher, a boy and a Christian. I am me.

3. Awesome was spending the afternoon at the arena, playing 4 Pics 1 Word with a few students while the others played hockey.



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