100 Days of Awesome – Day 73

1. Awesome was my motivation to get up and enjoy a fourth early morning workout, despite the fact that rowdy hotel neighbours kept me up much later than I’d have liked the night before. I came to Montréal mentally prepared to have to forego my usual workout routine for the week (something I’d never had to do since exercise became a regular part of my life 4.5 years ago), and it turned out that there was no disruption at all.

2. Awesome was not only having a voice, but also being thanked by not one, but three complete strangers afterward, for expressing it.

3. Awesome was being told that I have a very friendly smile and that I stood out in a crowd, by a kind of stranger.

3. Awesome was a new culinary adventure – Indian food (which I’d only had once before, at a restaurant with comparatively limited selection – with new friends. We went to Buffet Maharaja on René Lévesque Ouest.




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