100 Days of Awesome – Day 70

1. Awesome was gathering the energy and motivation to literally roll out of bed, into my workout gear, and down to the hotel’s fitness centre for an hour long workout session at 6:30 am.

2. Also awesome was the fact that this hotel has literally the best fitness centre out of any hotel at which I’ve ever stayed (which consists of weights, treadmills, ellipticals, stairclimbers and bicycles, whereas any others in which I’ve worked out have only consisted of weights, a treadmill and a bicycle, at most).

3. Awesome was having breakfast and lunch at the hotel restaurant and being served by a waiter who remembered my friend and I from the previous day. Not only did he remember us (which, having worked as a waitress in a busy hotel restaurant before, I can say is an impressive feat) but he was also quite humorous (which made for an entertaining start to my day).

4. Awesome was the abundance of practical knowledge that I acquired yesterday during the day’s training session, and the feeling of being better equipped to fulfill my role as union delegate, as well as protect my rights as an employee (something which, as hard as everybody works, is quite the process, given the complexity of it all). It was a very informative day.

5. Awesome was relaxing for the evening with room service and television. As much as I wanted to take advantage of my time in the big city, I was exhausted by the mentally taxing past 2 days, and physically draining travel day before that.


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