100 Days of Awesome – Day 61

1. Awesome was taking the morning yesterday for some much-needed rest, and waking up from a nap no longer feeling the pre-sick. Let’s hope it stays that way.

2. Awesome was finishing my provincial income tax return yesterday evening – a task made significantly easier by the fact that, the evening prior, I’d finished my federal return and thus had something to go by, but a tad bit more complicated by the fact that half of it was in French.

3. Awesome was discovering that, if I’d done it correctly, I’ll get a refund.

4. Awesome was following my 2.5 hour income tax endeavour with an intense cardio workout. It felt awesome to relieve the pressure of a challenging mental activity with strenuous physical activity – physical activity infused with the energy of accomplishing said mental activity.

5. Awesome was the sun yesterday. The thermometer said -18 degrees Celsius, but the sun blazed so hot that, as I walked back to school from the Co Op after lunch, I could feel its heat on my face. It was energizing after Monday’s blizzard.


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