100 Days of Awesome – Day 60

1. Awesome was getting three quarters of a snow day yesterday, as a blizzard really started brewing around 10:30 AM. Once I fought raging winds and a full-fledged white-out to get safely back home, I spent my afternoon napping and making the plenitude of telephone calls that I’ve been needing to make but never have time during business hours.

2. Awesome was finishing my federal income tax return – a mind-boggling and, in some ways, stressful endeavour that part of me does enjoy doing, but would enjoy more were it not due at such a busy time of year.

3. Awesome was, provided I didn’t mess up royally (which I’m pretty sure I didn’t because I followed last year’s, which was fine), the fact that I don’t have to pay. In fact, I should get a refund.

4. Awesome was how energized I felt after my workout yesterday evening, especially compared to how exhausted I felt before. I felt so exhausted that I almost scratched the workout altogether and went to bed. It’s funny how it can go from seemingly the worst thing for you, to exactly what you need.


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