100 Days of Awesome – Day 58

1. Awesome was waking up yesterday morning knowing that this weekend was a 2-day weekend, and feeling completely determined to enjoy it. Last week, I worked Saturday as it was a pedagogical day, and by about Tuesday, I was feeling the effects of that extra work day. Yesterday morning, I slept in (just a little), and didn’t rush into anything, because I didn’t have to. Then I cleaned, cooked, read and went for a run.

2. Awesome was going for a run, and doing so in weather sunny and mild enough to ditch my toque and mittens.

3. Awesome was finally getting around to sitting down and writing a letter to my friend Paul – something I started several weeks ago  but wanted to re-do, as much as changed since then (thus nullifying much of what I’d written at the time). Now, an hour and a half, a cramped hand and a pen with little ink remaining later, it’s ready for mailing.

But it wasn’t only finishing the letter that felt awesome – it was the process. There’s something about writing things down on paper that makes them feel a bit more real or a bit more tangible. This letter was all about some pretty exciting stuff that, though still a little uncertain, I’m completely ready for. Writing Paul’s letter was the first time I’d laid everything on the table, in writing, regarding mission September, and doing so made it feel significantly less like a pipe dream and more like something that is going to happen.


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