100 Days of Awesome – Day 57

1. Awesome was celebrating International Women’s Day with many of the ladies of Tasiujaq at a potluck at the village’s culture centre. Four generations, three languages and two cultures brought together by one gender. Pretty cool.

2. Awesomely fun was the game we played after dinner. All the woman sat on the floor in a circle around the supplies needed to hand-sew the inner lining of pualuuk (Inuit-style leather and fur mittens). Each player took turns rolling a die. When someone rolled a one, they had to go to the centre and start tracing the pattern. When someone else rolled a one, they took over and the first person went back to their spot in the circle to roll again when the die came back to them. This went on through the entire process – tracing, cutting, and sewing. The person who sewed the final stitch won a prize (50$, I believe).

3. Awesome was winning a large piece of nice black leather from the hunter support store (worth 50$) – perfect for me to sew next winter’s pualuuk.


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