100 Days of Awesome – Day 56

1. Awesome was receiving the rest of my cargo on yesterday afternoon’s plane. Within this load was the chocolate and the fresh produce – the best parts.

2. Awesome was getting a start on my 2012 income tax return, knowing that this year’s will be significantly less complicated than the last two. Oddly, I kind of enjoy the process of calculating my income taxes. Bring on the number puzzle.

3. Awesome was learning that Canada Post had pulled through, and two big parts of my application package for mission September had arrived at their destination. Things are coming together.

4. Awesome was my workout yesterday evening. I’d finished my cardio workout and headed to my yoga mat with the intention of doing a few sun salutations to wind down. I’d worked out quite vigorously for a bit longer than usual when my workout is paired with a yoga session, so I didn’t plan on really doing more than 15 to 20 minutes of yoga more for stretching purposes. Once I got started, however, I didn’t even think about the time as it flew by, until an hour later when I laid down in savasana, ready for anything. It’s been awhile since I’d had a session quite like that.


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