100 Days of Awesome – Day 51

1. Awesome was starting my day with a staff pancake breakfast. It was a Saturday pedagogical day – a day the school board allowed us to work to give us an extra travel day at Easter – so the pancake breakfast not only brought people together, it eased the pain of a weekend cut short.

2. Awesome was not only finishing my students’ report cards, but also updating all of their “busy books” (their books of assorted worksheets to work on when they finish the task of the lesson (I have 4 students who, just as I’m beginning to get the rest started, finish their work, even when I differentiate it for them to make it a little more challenging, so their busy books will eliminate some of the disruptions).

3. Awesome was coming home after work, immediately putting on my pyjamas, curling up on the couch and indulging entirely in comfortable lethargy and a marathon of TV after an active and exhausting (both physically and mentally) 6-day work week. It’s not very often I do this, but when I do, it feels nice.


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