100 Days of Awesome – Day 35

1. Awesome was one moment yesterday, while my students were working on a Valentine’s Day vocabulary worksheet during the afternoon’s English lesson.

I had 4 different worksheets, a class full of tired, unfocused students and an English lesson to teach. I could tell that the little Valentine’s Day-themed writing activity that I had originally planned would have been like pulling teeth, so I prepared these worksheets as a means of giving them something fun and quiet to do that still had an air of education to it.

I turned it into a challenge: for each worksheet they finished, they got a fancy Valentine’s Day sticker. If they got 3 stickers, they got a Valentine’s Day pencil. If they got 4 stickers, they got a Valentine’s Day pencil and one of the small Valentine’s Day prizes I had left over from the morning’s BINGO activity.

We were listening to music (I have a variety of c.d.’s in the classroom – one of which is a compilation of 50 Classic TV Theme Songs – which I play on occasion while my students are working). About 15 minutes into class, the Andy Griffith Show theme song came on. Heads bent over their desks, determined to get their 4 stickers, not a single one of them made a sound until that moment. Then every single one of them whistled along in unison, and didn’t stop until the song ended one minute and 16 seconds later. That was probably the most relaxed, content and bonded I’d ever seen them.

2. Awesome was receiving my happy lamp in the mail yesterday.

3. Awesome and extremely thoughtful was receiving a surprise care package from my friends Alex and Anthony, from Toronto. Nakurmiik!


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