100 Days of Awesome – Day 28

1. Awesome was another snow-induced pedagogical day, which provided me with plenty of time to prepare and laminate some activities for Valentine’s day with my students, as well as some material for my students to work in learning centres.

2. Awesome was starting the morning with a hilarious “test-drive” of a new card game (Hit The Deck) with 2 colleagues.

I purchased it at the Co Op for only $0.25, thinking it would be good to put in a learning centre (when I do learning centres, I like to have variety – manipulative, writing, computation and fun. For example, in Measurement, my students are learning about money. I had them rotate through four centres:

1. a worksheet on which they were to write money in words,
2. a matching card game where they had to match pairs that had equivalent amounts of money,
3. an activity where they were to add and subtract money, and
4. The Banking Game (a dice game I created for them where they collect a set amount of money each time they roll the dice) to practice adding money and grouping.

Since I’d never played Hit The Deck before, I had to learn how to play it so that I could teach it to my students.

3. Awesome was receiving a telephone call from the agent taking care of my income tax return for last year.

This is something I’ve been working on for almost a year – I diligently completed my return well before the April deadline, I promptly scrounged up and sent all the additional documents as they were requested and I patiently waited and waited for months on end. In November, I was told by this agent that she had everything she needed in order to process my return, I was guaranteed that it would be done over the next few days, and was asked to call back in a week to follow up. The following week began a two-month long string of answering machine messages (from yours truly) and unreturned telephone calls (from her) that ended late January when I finally reached her and she had the nerve to tell me that not only has my file been sitting on her desk all along, untouched, she neither had time to do it, nor could transfer it to someone who could.

Flabbergasted and frustrated, I called and spoke with the complaints department. They must have given her the kick in the pants she needed to do her job. She called me yesterday to inform me that it’s being dealt with.

4. Awesome was receiving some very flattering words of encouragement from a previous employer.

5. Awesome was taking another 2 baby steps closer to mission September. Things are coming together and it feels amazing.


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