100 Days of Awesome – Day 48

1. Awesome was emailing my list of items to pre-order to my online grocer, then calling to follow up on it to discover that they’d been drastically reduced in price.

2. Awesome was wearing my lighter winter coat yesterday, rather than my parka. Spring is coming!

3. Awesome was watching the bigger kids actually, genuinely playing with the little kids on the playground at recess, and hearing A’s hysteric laughter as she chased J up, down and around the snow hill.


100 Days of Awesome – Day 47

1. Awesome was registering myself for a summer driver education course – something I should have done almost 14 years ago, but didn’t. Oh well, better late than never!

2. Awesome was crossing the final item off of one of my many “to-do” lists.

3. Awesome was my cardio/yoga session yesterday evening, which was full of energy and limberness after the previous day’s rest.

4. Awesome was finally crawling into bed yesterday evening after a busy day of teaching, prepping, running errands and making telephone calls (including one for which I had to wait on hold for 2 hours).

100 Days of Awesome – Day 46

1. Awesome was making great headway on something that’s a bit last-minute and overwhelming. Now it’s totally do-able.

2. Awesome was learning from a mistake.

3. Awesome was a phone conversation with a friend that was completely full of encouragement, and entirely devoid of judgement. In a time of big decisions, that’s just the kind of conversation one needs.

100 Days of Awesome – Day 45

1. Awesome was weighing in 4.8 pounds lighter this week. This just goes to show that either stress really does effect your weight, or eating copious amounts of chocolate boosts weight loss.

2. Awesome was eating breakfast to the sound of ravens calling from the roof of a shack behind my house. It reminded me of when I lived in the Yukon.

3. Awesome was walking out my door early yesterday evening and realizing that it was 5:30 PM and still a little bit light out. Spring is coming.

4. Awesome was dinner with a friend.

100 Days of Awesome – Day 44

1. Awesome was discovering that something, which was shaping up in my mind to be far more difficult and complicated than I’d like, is actually quite simple and do-able.

2. Awesome was the feeling of clean, dry clothes after a long, warm shower after a long, cold run.

3. Awesome was a clean house after a hectic week.

100 Days of Awesome – Day 43

1. Awesome was the good timing of a disappointing change – a change that, a month ago, I wouldn’t have seen the positive side of at all.

2. Awesome was receiving a quick telephone call from one of the elders regarding her grandson (one of my students). Her English is very little, but I love how she tries so as to communicate directly with me.

3. Awesome was the positive energy I can feel growing in our school, amplified tenfold by the fact that yesterday was Friday.

4. Awesome was a writing activity that I had my students do. I had planned this activity for Valentine’s Day, but, as I’d written before, my students were quite unfocused and exhausted that day (not to mention on a serious sugar crash), so I opted for something a little quieter and less demanding for them. However, I figured that on a good day, they’d still really enjoy it, so we did it yesterday.

First, I had them brainstorm a list of all the people they love. Then I had them brainstorm all of the reasons they love said people. Afterward, I had them write a letter to that person, telling them that they love them and why. They enjoyed it so much that three had voluntarily stayed after school to finish and decorate their letters so they could take them home to give to their person. I’ve never seen them take so much pride in a finished project like that.

100 Days of Awesome – Day 42

1. Awesome was a breath of fresh air, figuratively speaking.

2. Awesome was embracing a possible slight change of plans, and taking a step in that direction.

3. Awesome was checking my mail and finding a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency explaining that they’d reassessed my income tax return and are sending me 800$.

4. Awesome was also receiving a small package containing chocolate, from my mother.

5. Awesome was watching the hockey game with some friends.