100 Days of Awesome – Day 19

1. Awesome was morning yoga – 5 sun salutations, some virabhadrasanas and some back bends – despite my sluggish state when the alarm went off.

2. Awesome was hopping into the shower with a brand-new bar of Chinese Star Anise soap that I’d bought from Carbonstok last time I was in Halifax. One drop of water, and the amazing revitalizing aroma of black licorice fills my shower  and an instant surge of energy seeps into my pores.

3. Awesome was yesterday’s Art lesson.

I teach a grade 4/5/6 class in which all but 2 of my students are boys. Thus, I find Art a bit of a challenge when it comes to engaging them all in an activity. Fortunately, I’ve reached a point with them where I can get them creating more complex pieces of work than just a pastel drawing of a given theme (patience and instruction-following are still a work-in-progress for them); I’ve reached a point with them where I don’t have to worry so much about things getting destroyed in a heat-of-the-moment temper tantrum (before, if one so much as sneezed in another’s direction, desks would literally fly).

Yesterday, we completed stage one of clay monsters. I’m teaching a unit on shaping, using brown mud modelling clay we’re probably all familiar with from elementary school. Our last activity was a simple pottery piece, which we shaped, dried and painted. This activity entails a bit more in that I taught them how to add on pieces (such as eyes, teeth and ears), and I encouraged them to use objects such as markers, pencils and whatnot from around the classroom to engrave designs in their monster.

Monsters 4


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