100 Days of Awesome – Day 15

1. Awesome was getting, yesterday, the computer that I requested for my classroom in August.

2. Awesome was a surprise arctic char delivery.

I was cooking my lunch (shrimp, steamed vegetables and bannock), thinking about how delicious arctic char would be instead. Literally 2 seconds later, there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find my friend and her daughter. With a big smile, she said “We brought you fish!” and handed me an entire arctic char.

Awesome because char is so delicious, and awesome because to give me an entire char is a very generous act on my friend’s part, this made my day!

Tasiujaq 55

Arctic char – mamartuq!

3. Awesome was finally washing 3 days worth of dishes (a pile up resulting from a combination of a broken water truck, a broken sewage truck, a 3-day long blizzard, professional busy-ness and personal lethargy).

4. Awesome was finishing my workout and going, by habit, to the kitchen to have my post-workout snack and then do the dishes to find that I’d already done them.

5. Awesome was yesterday’s reassurance.


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