100 Days of Awesome – Day 11

1. Awesome was a colleague giving me a DVD with 5 – from easy to intense – new yoga sessions on it. Having grown a bit bored of the 2 with which I’ve been practicing since I’d started, I’ve taken to self-guided sessions. But, since I only know so much in terms of asanas and sequences (and my knowledge is still fairly limited) the change of pace, and a new instructor will be nice.

2. Awesome was the feeling that I experienced yesterday in savasana after 45 minutes of self-guided yoga – the feeling of my body being stretched and my mind being un-stretched, simultaneously, at a time when I was feeling a little stretched thin.

3. Awesome was being complimented on the professionalism of something that I had to write while, still very much new to this role, I nervously wondered if it was professional enough.


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