100 Days of Awesome – Day 9

1. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing what I think is a case of the ‘winter blah’s’. Lately, I’m feeling increasingly exhausted, achy, unmotivated and down in the dumps – starting about an hour after waking up in the morning, and lasting until I go to sleep. This week, I’ve found that if I wasn’t at work, all I seemed to want to do is either sleep or cry.

I’ve been forcing myself to exercise because I know it’ll help, and because, even though my body doesn’t want to, there’s part of my mind that does, but yesterday, house-bound by a raging blizzard and feeling even more squirrel-y than the days prior, exercise was the last thing I felt like doing. Awesome yesterday was pulling myself out of my little funk and pushing myself through my workout anyway – 20 minutes of jump rope and an hour of yoga.

2. Awesome was the catharsis I’d found in savasana at the end.

3. Awesome was taking advantage of my early-morning ambition and not only cleaning the entirety of my house (which really, since I try to do it weekly, consists mainly of scrubbing the bathroom, sweeping, vacuuming and putting things where they go), but also doing 2 loads of laundry while baking a batch of healthy muffins.

4. Awesome was reading the following passage yesterday – a passage in which I’d found consolation at a time when I can’t help but feel both extremely excited, and extremely nervous (and everything in between) about some of the things that my future has in store.

“You’re right where you need to be – on your path, guided, in just the right place for you today. Many times on my journey I stopped short, convinced I would never find the place I was trying to find, only to discover that it was right in front of me all the time. I had gone there instinctively. Gone right where I needed to go, right where I was heading.

There is a part of us that knows where we need to be and understands where we really want to go. There’s a place in us that has the map, even if our eyes and conscious mind can’t see it, can’t figure it out, or aren’t certain it’s there.

If you’re spinning in circles, feeling lost and confused, trying to figure out where you need to be and not all that certain where you’re going, stop. Breathe deeply. Look around.

You’re right where you need to be.

Maybe you’ve been there all along.”
-(quoting Melodie Beattie, from this blog).

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