100 Days of Awesome – Day 8

1. Awesome was the note that I received yesterday morning from a friend with whom I get to talk far too infrequently. It was just what I needed in that moment, as though she’d read my mind. Her note was out of the blue, but it came at the perfect moment – brief but full of the love and understanding that picked me up after a difficult few days and helped carry me through an exhausting day.

2. Awesome was the assuring reminder that hard work does pay off – something we tend to forget in the gruelling midst of it all.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
-Lao Tzu

3. Awesome was walking down the hall and hearing one of the younger, Inuktitut students (who’s in grade 1 or 2) trying to sing a song I’d taught to my students not too long ago. It was a cute little sign of a small impression I’d made.

4. Awesomely hilarious was watching my students play “freeze music” yesterday.

Twice a day, we take 10 minutes to have a snack, complete a few little chores, and enjoy in a few minutes’ play time between lessons. Since we returned from Christmas holiday, “freeze music” is all the rage for my students – a game where everyone moves and dances around while music is playing, but must freeze while it’s stopped randomly.

They like it so much that they’ve lost all interest (at least for the time being) in playing with the Lego or playing floor hockey, and have taken to just trying to complete their chores while playing “freeze music” – stretching a 30-second task into a several-minute errand. Nonetheless, it’s entertaining to watch, and I’ve never seen them have more fun cleaning up.



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