100 Days of Awesome – Day 1

Okay…new project!

I sat down this morning, with a french press full of coffee and eager intentions to write my first post in my new blog project (see previous post). I found myself not knowing where to start. Sipping my coffee, I stared at a blank “page” and reflected on a week infused with a myriad of awesome, and the occasional urge to write daily posts about it, despite the fact that, before, I’d decided to focus on a project of a different nature.

Knowing that, if all goes as I hope, there will come a time in the not-so-distant future when sitting down to write an elaborate daily post of awesome will be a tad cumbersome and maybe even a bit counter-productive (details will come in time), I’ve decided to embark on a new project that doesn’t require a year-long commitment. Inspired by this blog, I’d decided on a project that will both quench my thirst for writing daily now, as well as free up my mind and fingertips for other things when the time comes: 100 days of awesome.

During my 100 days of awesome, I will strive to find the trinity of awesome in my days (there may be some days in which I find more, but none in which I find fewer) as I write, for the sake of conciseness, about them in point form.

Without further ado, I present my first of 100 days of awesome:

1. Awesome was finishing a good, but exhausting first week back at school with an evening sharing delicious food and hearty laughs at a friend’s house with many of Tasiujaq’s awesome professionals.

2. Awesome was playing the following games at said potluck:
a) The “Paper Game” – everybody writes the names of 5 people on individual slips of paper (celebrities, cartoon characters, local well-known community members, and the like). All slips of paper are folded and put into a bowl. Two teams are formed.

Round 1: Team members take one-minute turns picking names out of the bowl and describing, in sentences, the person whose name is written on the paper. At the end of the minute, points are tallied (one point goes to the team for each name correctly guessed).

Round 2: Team members take one-minute turns picking names out of the bowl and miming hints as to the name of the person written on the paper.

Round 3: Team members take one-minute turns picking names out of the bowl and describing, using one word, the person whose name is written on the paper.

b) The “Sticky Forehead Game” – Each player writes the name of a celebrity, cartoon character, political figure, etc. on a piece of paper and tapes it to their neighbour’s forehead. Players take turns asking “yes” or “no” questions to try and determine who they are.

c) The Inuit “Screw-in-Can Game” – I’m sure there’s an Inuktitut name for this game, but what it is I don’t know. This game has you squatting over an empty pop can with a string tied around your waist, on the end of which hangs, at knee-height, a screw. The object of the game is to get the screw in the hole of the can in such a way that allows you to carry the can a set distance and set it down upright, before your opponent does so.

For the fun (and hilarity) of it, I’ve drawn a picture in Paintbrush – labeled for obviously necessary clarification:

Can Game

3. Receiving all 6 boxes of my cargo on the evening’s plane, even though I’d mentally prepared to wait longer than usual due to copious grocery orders as Nunavik’s teachers all returned to the North around the same time.

And one more for good measure…

4. Awesome was finding the time, despite a number of post-work/pre-potluck errands that needed to be run, to delight in an hour-long yoga session in which I found myself to be considerably more flexible and balanced than I recall being before my Christmas holiday. I also found myself, with little effort, to be present throughout – even during savasana (the last 5 minutes during which I usually find myself ready to move on to whatever it is I “need” to be doing next).


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