Happy New Year!

I’ve not abandoned my blog. I’ve simply been off savouring the holiday awesome in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with family, friends and my boyfriend, putting, I’ll be honest, very little thought into what my 2013 mission will be. And this morning – approximately 2 weeks since my quest to find 366 bits of awesome in 2012 came to a bittersweet end (with a few extra posts, written for good measure and out of sheer habit), I still only have a vague concept of what my project will be (despite the fact that yesterday was a 15 hour travel day consisting of a good 6 hours of waiting in airports).

Writing daily is good discipline for an aspiring (even amateur) writer, but the reality is that it’s quite daunting – especially for this gal, what with a full-time multilevel class to teach, a union to represent, and various aspirations to do some pretty awesome things this year that will require time, as well as both physical and mental energy. On the other hand, writing monthly is a bit too infrequent for my liking. So, I will write weekly.

The shape of my blog still is yet to be determined, but content-wise, I hope to write weekly about the way or ways in which I’d accomplished one, or a number of my “resolutions” for the new year. With the new year underway and after an extremely fulfilling 2012, I’d like to revise the list I wrote last New Year’s day, keeping some and substituting others, with the hopes that this year will bring me as much, if not more, personal growth, improvement, fulfillment and happiness as last.

My list is, like the last, vague for the sake of embracing the element of surprise in my 2013. Though I do have an idea or two in mind for each item on my list, I can’t be sure how my year will unfold.

So, in no particular order, here it is:

*Do something selfless.
*Do something exhilarating.
*Do something (good) risky.
*Do something out of my comfort zone.
*Contribute to something meaningful.
*Experience something life-changing.
*Experience something enlightening.
*Create something beautiful.
*Persevere at something challenging.
*See something breathtaking.

May your year be blessed with copious experiences of awesome! Happy New Year!

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