Awesome # 365: Imagination

I’m at the airport in Kuujjuaq, waiting for the plane to arrive from Iqaluit Nunavut to bring my colleagues and I to Montréal. A few feet in front of me, two young Inuit girls hop from one painted-on-the-floor beluga to the next in a game that, though I don’t understand the older girl’s Inuktitut explanation of the rules, I understand to be a stuck-waiting-at-the-airport version of Hot Lava (the childhood game where the floor is lava and the couch is land).

Simultaneously, two other boys are playing an improvised game of soccer with an empty water bottle where the goal is, rather than getting the ‘ball’ in the net, not hitting one of the many people standing around, deferred.

This reminds me of how awesome imagination is.


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