Awesome # 354: Seeing (At Least Part Of) The Point

Sometimes we’re forced by our own morality to do something that is emotionally and sometimes even physically difficult. In the face of it, we sometimes make excuses and try to justify wrongs as we deny and avoid it; we sometimes angrily question life’s fairness and doubt our own strength and ability, as we realize that morally, we can’t deny or avoid it any more; but mostly, we lose sleep, get sick and feel all kinds of horrible emotionally as we go through the motions to make it right as we desperately seek solace in even an ounce of understanding of why these things are happening to us.

I did all of these things.

Sometimes, though, later on down the road, a similar, but in many ways even greater challenge comes along that sheds a little light on the reason behind the first. You find the truth in the saying “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” as you find yourself much more prepared to face the challenge with strength, endurance and grace – all of which you learned from the first experience. You pull through not entirely, but relatively unfazed, assured that you’ve done the right thing, and confident that you’ve made a positive difference.

Awesome today is seeing (at least part of) the point.

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