Awesome # 337: Finding the Plus Side

I was the last person to leave the school this evening.

While everyone was out the door shortly after the bell rang at 3:45 PM, I decided to utilize the quietude to finally get a handle of the mountain of projects-in-progress that cluttered up my desk, and tackle the  day’s marking in my “in box” – a box I keep at the front of the room in which my students put their work when they’re finished (my most recent attempt at devising an organizational system that keeps my students from throwing their work on my desk willy-nilly).

Hungry, tired, and eager to finally rejoice in the weekend, I, at 4:45 PM, called it quits and packed up for home. In my rush, I locked my keys in the staff room and myself out of the school.

After a week like the one I’d just had, this may have been the little thing that broke me – the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. But it wasn’t. Yes, I muttered a choice word or two as I imagined myself on a frustrating wild goose chase for a colleague with a set of keys who would kindly let me back in to retrieve mine. But otherwise, I just laughed and said “there ya have it”. Luckily I was able to catch a colleague, who lives just across the road from the school, on his way to the Co Op.

On the plus side, in the face of this minor annoyance, I’m exponentially more grateful for two days of rest, relaxation and recuperation. Be it a small or large annoyance, finding the plus side is awesome.


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