Awesome # 331: Doing Childish Things For The First Time When You’re An Adult

…such as jumping on a trampoline. This, I did for the first time in my life, in La Fouly, Switzerland. It was our second-last evening on the Tour du Mont Blanc, after a delicious Swiss dinner of cheese fondu and meat, followed by a beer on the patio of our refuge with my hiking companions. In the yard stood a large trampoline that no one seemed to notice, and I decided to give it a go.

Had I not hiked 20 kilometres of steep ascent and even steeper descent that day, had I not had another day of just as intense trekking ahead of me, and had the rain not started to fall with a vengeance, I’d have jumped for hours. Doing childish things for the first time when you’re an adult is awesome in a fun, rejuvenating kind of way.

La FoulyLa Fouly, Switzerland (photograph from here)


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