Awesome # 323: Having Something To Offer

I’m looking for information, suggestions, and opinions. 

I’ve been invited, by the Women’s Health committee of the village in which I live, to organize and lead a once-weekly yoga session for the community.

This would be nothing extreme. I have neither enough practice under my belt to teach anything more than the basic asanas and principles of yoga, nor am I certified. Plus, I feel that the practice is quite unfamiliar here. Thus, the main objective would be to gather together, be physically active while trying something new, and reap the benefits of an awesome practice.

I’m very excited about this possibility, but I can’t help but have a few questions. My questions are:

1. Is there a book that anyone can recommend as a “must-read” for people interested in teaching yoga? If so, what is it?

2. Do you think that it would be okay for me to offer such a workshop, if:
a) I were to make it very clear that I am not certified, and that people’s participation is encouraged, but at their own risk
b) Emphasize the importance of respecting our bodies and our limits, thus not pushing ourselves too hard.


3. Am I legally obligated to obtain enough practice and proper certification before offering a workshop like this? (Even considering the isolated context in which I live).

4. Do you have any suggestions as to where to start? What are the best asanas to begin with? (While I have a strong idea of a good place to start, input is always welcome).

5. Do you have any suggestions, ideas or tips that you would like to offer that I didn’t address in my questions?

In the meantime, and regardless of the response, having something to offer feels pretty awesome.


4 responses to “Awesome # 323: Having Something To Offer

  1. Jodie, I would just go for it…Teach them what you know, your own practice…what works for you. Keep it simple and yes of course emphasize that yoga is a for each body, for each person to go to their own limits.

    • For #3 – if there is no money changing hands and you are not selling yourself as a bone fida instructor, seems fine to me!

      As a person who has only done yoga once or twice, the class I took was so serious that when I tried to balance on my shoulder and almost took out the lady beside me I felt I couldn’t laugh louder than under my breath, even if it was hilarious! Kind of turned me off so I recommend that laughing is ok when you fall over in a spectacular fashion!

      • Good point about the money thing! I didn’t think of it that way.

        I would be doing it voluntarily, and the only money that I would ask be involved is money to buy proper equipment, such as mats and stuff 🙂

    • Sounds good! Though I doubt this will happen, I just want to make sure I’m not putting anybody (myself included) at risk by not having the official training to teach yoga. But it’s no different than if friends wanted to come here and follow my yoga DVD’s with me – they move in the directions…into the poses that I encourage them to move in, but do it in a way that works for them.

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