Awesome # 319: The First Christmas Album Playing Of The Holiday Season

One of the pros of living in a village with literally nowhere to go shopping is the fact that I don’t experience Christmas music overexposure; I’m not forced into Christmas music overload. Therefore, the novelty of Christmas music endures well past December 1st, and I can hold off on savouring the awesome that is the first Christmas album playing of the holiday season a little bit longer (it’s more awesome that way).

At first I wanted to wait until December 1st, but on second thought, with Christmas less than a month away, and with our school’s Christmas concert quickly approaching, I’ve decided that it’s the right time to browse the iTunes store for the right compilation of Christmas songs to play in my classroom – we not only need to choose and practice our song for the concert, but, I have a feeling I’m going to need to utilize this little pick-me-up soon as pre-Christmas academic fatigue  grows over the coming weeks.

I’ve also been itching to listen to my favourite holiday ditties at home.

This morning, as I drink my coffee and write this post of awesome, the first Christmas album playing of the holiday season is happening in the background. Instantaneously, my already happy heart feels merrier and my mind floods with holiday nostalgia as I’m infused with holiday festive awesomeness and excitement about celebrating this holiday season with all the people with whom I will be celebrating it.

This is part of the reason why Christmas is my favourite holiday.


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