Awesome # 299: Distinctly Amazing Laughs

I just spent an hour in a workshop on collaborative pedagogy. The presenter had one of the most distinctly amazing laughs I’ve ever heard. It was slightly reminiscent of the laugh of Krusty the Clown, but (if it’s possible) altogether unique at the same time, booming  through the massive conference room at a decibel eighty times higher (I’m probably exaggerating) than his non-microphone projected regular speaking voice.

Distinctly amazing laughs are awesome because they embody all of the awesome qualities of a regular laugh, and so much more. They’re awesome because they’re so enticing – they’re captivating, they’re intriguing, and they demand attention. They’re awesome because they’re interesting, and indicative of a person with a potentially very interesting personality. They’re awesome because they’re memorable. They’re awesome because they’re entertaining. They’re awesome because they’re uplifting. And, they’re awesome because they’re contagious – they’re even more contagious than a regular laugh.

To all of you who have a distinctly amazing laugh: embrace it, because it’s awesome!


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