Awesome # 297: Catching Up

Keeping my departure to Québec City on the down low until the morning of, I had little opportunity to plan to meet with friends during my time here. However, immediately after announcing, Wednesday morning via a Facebook status update, that I would be in Québec City later that evening, my friend Kristen responded with surprised excitement and an invitation to meet up. I, not even aware that she lived in Québec City, was equally surprised and excited. We made plans to meet the following evening for dinner.

Kristen and I studied together at Mount Allison University from 2001 until 2005, and the last time we’d seen each other was at a potluck I’d held in Moncton during the spring of 2007, just before my voyage to the Yukon. Also, it was only recently that we’d reconnected through Facebook, so we really had some catching up to do.

Over a coffee at La Brûlerie St-Jean and delectable French cuisine at Café le Hobbit in Vieux Québec, we spent a good couple of hours both reminiscing, and catching up.

Catching up was awesome because it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with someone who was, in many ways, a big part of my undergraduate experience – we took many of the same classes, hung out together and shared much of the same social group. Catching up was awesome because it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with a part of my life that was so integral to who I am today, but feels so long ago and so distant. Catching up was awesome because it was interesting – not only was this a total “blast from the past” experience, it was very interesting to see how we’d both stayed the same, and changed and evolved over the past several years. Last but not least, catching up was awesome because people are awesome, and, in a massive world in which people come and go and move in very different directions, sometimes it’s far too infrequent that you get to share moments with the awesome people who were once an awesome part of your life.

Nakurmairaaluk, or, since I’m in Québec, merci beaucoup for blessing me with this awesome opportunity to catch up!

Kristen and I at dinner after our delicious meal and 5 years worth of catching up.


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