Awesome # 296: Spa Treatment (In Moderation)

The more time I spend in the north, the more important it becomes for me to indulge in a little spa treatment when I emerge in the south. For both therapeutic and aesthetic reasons, I try to set one day aside for pampering myself in hedonism (or rather, paying someone else to pamper me), because after several months in the remote, cold and dark north, I sincerely feel I need it, and I like to think I’ve earned it.

For the first time in a year, I indulged in spa treatment – 3 hours of blissful, rejuvenating spa treatment (I’ve had a few massages since then, but they were purely for physiotherapeutic reasons and thus, don’t count, exactly). Today, I had an hour-long Swedish massage to both help to restore my energy and relieve mild stress and tension that has accumulated over the past 3 months, as well as a sea salt body scrub and a full-fledged pedicure to assuage the havoc that dry arctic air and (for my feet), heavy winter boots has wreaked on my epidermis.

After years of feeling both personally and financially guilty about the thought of indulging in spa treatment, I’m finally starting to realize the awesome that is spa treatment (in moderation). It’s awesome because it’s good for your body and for your soul. Thanks to Sophie at my hotel’s spa, I’m now walking on clouds with both delightful revivification, baby-soft skin and pretty burnt orange toes, ready to take on anything.


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