Awesome # 284: The Last 5 Minutes of A Workout

As I’d written before, I made a change to my workout routine awhile ago and, now, rather than alternating an hour of pure cardiovascular activity every other day with an hour of power yoga, I’ve combined the two to create a well-rounded 1.5 hour workout 5 days per week (the other day I’ve saved for volleyball).

Today, however, as the wind howled at a forceful 70 kilometres per hour, I craved going for the good, long run for which I’ve been unable to go for quite some time. To quench this craving, I decided to extend the cardio portion of my cardio/yoga regimen and jumprope for 45 minutes. So, with running shoes on and music blaring, I dove into my “jumprope marathon” with unabashed gusto.

Thirty minutes in, I realized that I’d grown accustomed to my new-but-not-so-new-anymore workouts. I’d grown to enjoy them so much, that it seemed more appealing to me to put away my rope and shoes and trade my last 15 minutes of cardio for an hour of yoga. However, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before I get bored of my cardio/yoga workouts too, I decided to take a break from my yoga mat for the sake of deferring that a little longer, and I stuck it out.

I slogged through the next 10 minutes. Then, after a quick water break, I readied myself for the home stretch – that last 5 minutes. I found myself, 5 minutes away from finishing my workout with a second-wind and newfound stamina and enthusiasm – stamina and enthusiasm greater than even that with which I started. I followed my urge and found the most upbeat track in my entire workout playlist and skipped for all it was worth.

The last 5 minutes of a workout is, quite often, the most awesome 5 minutes. It’s the brief stretch of your workout during which you find ourself both enervated from the workout you’re 5 minutes away from completing, and so close to a well-deserved shower that you can almost feel it.

It doesn’t matter how much I enjoyed my workout, when there’s an end near in sight that I give it my all and then some. I’m more than warmed up and I’m feeling the groove. During the hardest of workouts, when I’ve finally come to enjoy that little bit of masochism; during the best of workouts, it’s when I work a little harder just to savour how good it feels.


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