Awesome # 274: That Little Bit of “Me Time” After a Very Busy Day

Aside from a hurried 20 minute lunch break, yesterday was very busy. With teaching, planning, marking, preparing, tutoring and parent-teacher meetings, as well as a few personal chores, I didn’t have much time to call my own until about 8:30 PM. But between the end of my insanely busy day and the time I crawled into bed, I delighted in a little bit of “me time”.

That little bit of “me time” after a very busy day is awesome because it’s merited – you can both pat yourself on the back for all that you’d accomplished throughout the day, and sit back and relax, knowing that you deserve this time to yourself. It’s awesome because it’s healthy. It’s awesome because it’s when you can finally breathe – when everything stops spinning and you can stop running amidst the busy-ness of it all. And, it’s awesome because it’s appreciated – in a place where I generally have a lot of time on my hands (given Tasiujaq’s smallness and its slow-paced, laid back lifestyle), “me time” is something I can easily take for granted until a day comes when I don’t have it.

I savoured my little bit of “me time” after a very busy day with a rejuvenating session of yoga.


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