Awesome # 269: Adding Something to Your Collection

To name a few, there’s the coin collection, the stamp collection and the card collection; there’s the rock collection; there’s the collection of model things like cars, planes or airplanes; and there’s the thimble collection, the spoon collection and the shot glass collection.

I collect post cards. I collect post cards that I purchase on my travels. One of the first things I buy in any city that I visit is a set of post cards, mostly to mail to family and friends but I always keep one for myself. I also collect post cards that people mail to me.

Whatever your preference may be, collections are awesome, and so is the feeling that comes with adding something to your collection. With regard to my post card collection, adding something to it is awesome because it means that I’ve either traveled to another one of the world’s awesome cities, or someone awesome was thinking about me, in some place awesome (something that means all the more when I’m feeling lonely in the remote regions of arctic Canada).

A post card from my friend Janet, mailed to me from Kuwait last year.


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