Awesome # 267: Nostalgic Aromas

The smell of Ivory soap reminds me of baths as a child at my grandfather’s house after a day of puddle-jumping and tadpole-catching in the backwoods of rural Minto New Brunswick. Frying bacon reminds me of Christmases at my mother’s house, and the occasional family “breakfast for dinner” meal together. The smell of Rub A535 elicits memories of Sunday visits with my grandmother, eating digestive cookies and drinking orange juice from little glasses with playing card designs while she and my father talked about whatever it was they talked about.

This is to name just a few of my own nostalgic aromas. Nostalgic aromas are awesome because, even if you’re doing something mundane, like taking a shower or cleaning your refrigerator, you can take an olfactory trip down memory lane to a time you remember fondly.

What’s your nostalgic aroma?


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