Awesome # 259: Rainboots

With relatively mild temperatures and under a shining sun, the snow that coated Tasiujaq until this morning was rendered a soupy mess. Each step was met with ankle-deep slush, and things only got messier as the day progressed. I wore, for the first time in awhile, my rainboots – a pair of green Bogs I’d purchased in 2010 in preparation for the rainy season in Shanghai.

I realized the awesome that is a pair of rainboots as I both walked to school and supervised the playground at recess, when I found myself drawn to the deepest depths of every puddle that stretched across my path, fighting the urge to jump in a splash. Rainboots are awesome for the following reasons:

1. They keep your feet warm and dry.
2. When you wear them, you don’t have to deviate from your usual path if it’s flooded.
3. The moment you put them on, a part of your inner child is awakened.
4. They come in fun colours and with fun designs.

Just to name a few.

Me acting silly in my Bogs in Wolfville Nova Scotia in 2010 (I’d originally purchased purple but they were damaged, so I exchanged them for green ones)

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