Awesome # 257: Staying Up A Little Later Because Tomorrow’s Friday

There’s a little rebel in me who likes to stay up a little later, just because it’s Thursday and the next day’s Friday.

Whether it’s in solitude, or in the company of others, staying up a little later because tomorrow’s Friday is awesome. It’s awesome because it’s like sneaking a little weekend preview that you know you’re not supposed to – kind of like sneaking a peek at the Christmas presents or wearing your new school clothes before school starts as a child. It’s awesome because, on Thursday, you know a break is near and it doesn’t really matter if you’re tired on Friday morning and, knowing the weekend is just around the corner, you can enjoy your rebellious late night all the more.

Mind you, this is assuming you operate on a Monday to Friday work or school schedule like I do. If not, create your own version of this awesome accordingly.


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