Awesome # 253: The Halloween Spirit

The Halloween spirit may be waning in other parts of Canada (people who once greeted a couple hundred trick-or-treaters saw a mere handful last night), but it definitely ran fervent in Tasiujaq. Save for the gluttony that Halloween can easily provoke, the Halloween spirit, just like the Christmas spirit, Canada Day spirit, or the spirit of any other holiday around which there is this much hype, is awesome because it’s fun, and it’s shared – it both entertains, and it brings people together. It’s also highly contagious.

I’d barely stepped foot in my house after school yesterday before trick-or-treaters had arrived. They went door-to-door until 7, which church began.

After church, everybody from the community gathered in the school gym for the ever-so-entertaining costume parade and contest. This is an annual event into which contestants put much effort, devising hilarious costumes that are kept a secret until the contest begins. Nobody knows who anybody is until the winners of the contest are announced (when you live in a village of 250 people, where you know pretty much everybody’s name and face, this makes for a hilariously awkward experience).

Here are some photographs from the evening:



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