Awesome # 251: When Everything Comes Together

This week was a hectic one – what with the assembly of my students’ haunted ghost village, and being partly in charge of planning the rest of the Halloween activities for the primary students. And it wasn’t by any means free of hiccups. However, despite any doubts I may have had, everything came together.

This morning I split my students up into 2 groups. Half came with me – they disguised themselves in garbage bags and hid among the props in the haunted ghost village. Lights off and creepy sound effects blaring, they snuck up on the secondary students as they wandered through a graveyard of bristol board tombstones, toilet paper roll bat-infested trees, and cardboard box houses infested with egg carton spiders and haunted by plastic bag ghosts. The rest of my students stayed in the classroom to colour a picture for a colouring contest, on which the whole school voted. After the first period, we switched.

In the afternoon, the other primary teachers and I set up stations. I hosted a Halloween-themed BINGO competition with prizes and candy; another teacher made masks; and, the last led games in the gym. Students were mixed up and divided into 3 groups and, for 45 minute periods, they rotated through the “stations”.

Everyone had a blast. Needless to say, it’s awesome when everything comes together.

I don’t have any photographs of the haunted ghost village because I was too busy ensuring that none of my little monsters got punched in the face out of fright to take any, and unfortunately it was pretty trampled by the end of the morning. However, I will post a few photographs from the internet that inspired its construction.

Happy Halloween!


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