Awesome # 249: Help

Thanks to a group of very helpful students this morning, the haunted ghost village that my students and I are putting together for the Halloween at school is coming together quite nicely. It’s also coming together in a significantly less stressful way.

My students and I have been painting boxes, making paper bag ghosts and toilet paper roll bats, along with tonnes of other haunted ghost village essentials, for 2 weeks now. This morning, all that was left to do was coat virtually every wall and surface in the school computer room with black garbage bags, so as to make it as dark as possible (a surprisingly tedious task, which I immediately upon beginning, anticipated to be doing all morning), and putting all of our props in place.

With the help of these students, and the sacrifice of one of their own free periods, I’ve not only salvaged some of my own free time (which I desperately needed to plan and prepare activities for my own students), I’ve also salvaged both my sanity, and some of the Halloween spirit that I’ve managed to muster up despite all the busy Halloween hoopla.

Nakurmimairaaluk M, N, J, E, A, M and J!


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