Awesome # 246: Payoff

I, much to my surprise, did not gain any weight after a summer of travel, foreign food and off-kilter exercise routines, but I was definitely getting less attentive to what, and how much I was eating. Before I fell off the wagon completely, I decided to re-join Weight Watchers online.

Since joining 2 months ago, I’ll be honest, my efforts have been mediocre and my results have reflected this. My weight has been fluctuating up and down. Luckily I’ve maintained, on average throughout the span of a month, right around my original (2010) weight goal. But, while this has been a good weight for me since I reached my goal almost 3 years ago, I wouldn’t mind losing another 10 pounds.

After a disappointing weigh in last week (though it wasn’t surprising, as I’d indulged in a number of effort-sabotagers the night before), I decided to truly get serious and down to business. This week I tracked, I measured, I made the healthiest of food choices. I drank lots of water and took my vitamins. I also added a bit of spice into my workout routine with the new yoga DVD (Bob Harper’s “Power Yoga For The Warrior”) that I’d received in the mail the other day.

Today, I saw the payoff – I was down 3.8 pounds. Both gratified and motivated, I embark on another week of healthy eating and exercise in the hopes that I will, this time next week, be writing my post of awesome a slightly lighter person.


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