Awesome # 239: Renewed Enthusiasm

Two years ago, I’d attempted to draw some tundra plants from a photograph I’d taken on a hike my first weekend in Tasiujaq. I’d no experience drawing flora, other than a picture I’d drawn of a wilted sunflower in Crayola crayons for a Teaching Elementary Art class in university. I found my tundra plants endeavor to be so challenging that I put that drawing on the back burner. A year later, I decided to give it another try but again, I quickly lost interest as I’d not quite acquired the techniques necessary to make my foliage look even remotely realistic.

Now, however, I feel ready and truly up for the challenge, as I feel better equipped to bring those plants alive. So, with renewed enthusiasm, I will begin drawing. In the meantime, I leave you with my wilted sunflower for the sake of imagery.


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