Awesome # 204: Autumn

My favourite season is here, complete with wood stove aromas, crisp, chilly air and the most brilliant colours of the rainbow. Autumn is here.

Last Saturday, I set out on a hike meant to kill multiple birds with one stone: 1. to test out my new toy (a burnt orange Pentax OptioRZ18 digital camera purchased at Kuujjuaq’s Newviq’vi the week prior), 2. to get some much-needed sunshine after a very overcast couple of days, 3. to quench my thirst for mountains and hiking, and 4. to explore a little deeper into the tundra between the village and Mairaaluk. I also hoped to see some caribou, as I’d heard they were nearing the village but, based on my caribou sightings last year and the year before , I knew this was unlikely as I was still a good 2 weeks early.

I did, however, snap some photographs of the tundra in all of its vibrant Autumn-y glory. I took these at various points throughout my 6-hour hike.


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