Awesome # 203: Finished Projects

Once again I’ve neglected to write my posts of awesome as I’ve been too busy just savouring the awesome. At this rate, I highly doubt I’ll reach 365 posts of awesome by the year’s end, but I will make a noble effort to make up for lost time by writing a few posts this evening.

First up – finished projects.

I began this project 3 Sundays ago. To be completely honest, I doubted my ability to finish it. I was working from a poor quality print of a photograph I’d found online, and I reckoned the fur around her parka hood to require artistic skills beyond my own. I seriously considered giving up at least a few times by the time I was 2/3 of my way through. But, lacking a better photograph and hating to discard something I’d already spent hours toiling away on, I stuck with it – working on it a little at a time each day. I finished in just over a week.

Inuit elder.


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