Awesome # 179: Hanging Out In History

In Paris, it was le Château de Versailles; Venezia, Piazza San Marco; Firenze, Piazza del Duomo; and, Roma, il Colosseo, il Foro Romano and, by day trip, Pompeii. These are the little bits of history that I’d experienced during my European travels that, despite the hordes of tourists crowding each and every one of these places, I found to be most impressive.

It was awesome to have the opportunity hang out in history – to experience and to appreciate the loci of a civilization far more ancient than my mind can even imagine.

Le Château de Versailles in Paris, France

Basilica di San Marco in Piazza San Marco in Venezia, Italia.

Il Campanile in Piazza del Duomo in Firenze, Italia.

Il Colosseo in Roma, Italia.

Il Foro Romano in Roma, Italia.

Pompeii, Italia


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