Awesome # 173: Traveling

Thursday evening, after a long chartered flight from Tasiujaq to Montréal, my summer of nomadism had officially begun. Departing on Tuesday, I will be spending the next several weeks making may way from Paris to Rome – a trip that will involve 6 days in France’s capital, 4 days in Chamonix in the heart of the French alps, a 10-day hike around Mont Blanc, a scenic train trip through part of Switzerland, and extensive visits to Venice, Florence, Rome, Napoli and Pompeii.

During my upcoming travels, my daily posts of awesome will be jotted down in my travel journal, awaiting posting upon my return, which I’d decided to do so as to indulge in my impending state of internetlessness – making the most of my travels and spending as little time as possible in internet cafés. Thus, this will be my last post until August.

À la prochaine!


One response to “Awesome # 173: Traveling

  1. Jodie, have an incredible trip, will be eager to hear from you in August. ……..if you ever need help, get my number from Mum, you can call collect Any Time………………..L U……..Tricia

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