Awesome # 172: Flying Days

Today is a flying day.

In roughly 6 hours, my colleagues from Tasiujaq, Quaqtaq and Kangiqsuujjuaq fly via chartered plane to Montréal to commence our 8-week summer vacation. At dinnertime (assuming there will be no delays), we will be safely deposited into the busy and sweltering metropolis, where I will be spending the next couple of days hanging out with my mom and brushing up on my français.

Flying days are awesome because no matter how early I have to wake up on a flying day, I’m always in a fantastic mood, when the excitement of commencing a vacation overshadows the adrenaline that flows in the last-minute rush. And, when you fly in a chartered plane such as I will today, that excitement is increased exponentially as you’re surrounded with colleagues who are undoubtedly at least just as excited.

Happy flying day to all my colleagues!

My colleagues and I last year, about to board a chartered plane to Kuujjuaq to commence a vacation.


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