Awesome # 135: Sleeping Like a Carrot in a Really Cold Room

When I was a kid, my parents, on occasion, tucked me in like a carrot. I don’t remember this happening all the time, but I do remember specifically requesting it, like it was a treat. I’d lay in bed on my back and have my blanket tucked under me tightly – legs straight and just my head sticking out.

In my childhood, there was something simply amusing in sleeping like a root vegetable. It was awesome because it was fun. But now, I’ve discovered that it also feels awesome when the room temperature has plummeted to hypothermic.

Well actually, I’m exaggerating a little.

Spring is here, complete with excessive sunlight, mild temperatures and lighter winds. Thus, I’ve turned down the thermostats and opened some windows so as to get the air circulating because otherwise, the air quality can be stifling. For the most part, it’s been fairly comfortable. However, being in the arctic, we still do get the occasional drastic drop in temperature causing my house to go from feeling like a sauna to an icebox almost instantaneously.

Last night, after a windy, overcast day, it was chilly in my house. And it was especially chilly upstairs (where my bedroom is), where all the windows happened to be open.

Now, establishing the “carrot blanket” is an impossible endeavour on your own, but fortunately, a sleeping bag is comparable in effect. So, last night, I discovered the awesome that is sleeping like a carrot in a really cold room as I slept toasty and snug in my extra-warm sleeping bag with my face exposed to a refreshing breeze. It’s the best of both worlds – warmth and cold in just the right places.


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