Awesome # 72: “Spring Forward”

As tough as it was to lose an hour of sleep this weekend, I have to look on the bright side. The bright side is twofold:

1. For the moment, no longer is the sun rising at around 6 AM. With the time change, the sun is now rising at around 7 AM. This means that I, at least for a little while longer, can once again sleep until I actually need to get up (which is a solid 30 minutes later than the sun had been rising prior to Sunday morning.

2. The time change pushes the sunset a full hour later, which means that, with temperatures and wind conditions permitting, I can partake in an evening airport run, or walk, on occasion without risking my life in the dark.

All in all, “spring forward” is awesome because it means exactly what the name suggests – spring is coming and winter is going, and, despite my affinity for the arctic, I’m so ready for that seasonal change.


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