Awesome # 70: Knowing First Aid

I was, for the first time in my life, First Aid certified last March.

But an experience in August indicated to me that I’d either retained little of the course, or I’d be borderline useless in a real emergency. Two colleagues and I were eating dinner at the Auberge Kuujjuaq restaurant, and the man who was eating at the table beside us collapsed onto the floor and had a seizure. Luckily there was a nurse eating nearby, who took initiative in the situation, because, I don’t know about my colleagues, but I froze completely.

Yesterday, the school board flew a person from the Montréal St. John Ambulance to Tasiujaq to conduct this year’s First Aid course. Eight hours of CPR practice, defibrillator training (as it pertains to infants, children and adults) and scenario role playing later, I feel significantly more confident about my ability to respond in a real emergency than I did this time yesterday morning. I have to say that knowing First Aid is an awesome and empowering feeling.


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