Awesome # 68: Nail Polish

I’m not one to wear nail polish often. There’s no salon in Tasiujaq, but, regardless, I find manicures to be a tad overpriced. I also have no patience for doing it myself – I lack the attention span required to engage in activities, such as watching TV or staring at a wall, that are conducive to nail polish drying long enough to let my finger nails dry properly. And, in my experience, much waiting always ends in frustration as I eventually chip the polish anyway.

But there’s an awesome feeling that comes with freshly applied nail polish. Chipped or not, freshly painted digits always pump a little bit of oomph into this gal’s system – like freshly plucked eyebrows or a new pair of earrings.

The only colour I own is purple, but it’s an awesome shade of purple that’s full of energy.


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